Vision and Vision charitable trust


Make Education Birthright of every individual
Vision and Vision charitable trust is fully funded and supported by Contacts International and Contacts International Farmhouse And Resort LLP.


Provide quality education while striving for excellence and inspiring the society at large to bring about the change we envision.

Vision and Vision a Commitment!! An Endeavour to provide equal Educational opportunities for all aims to conduct absolutely Free Coaching Classes for the core subjects like Math and Science. We aim to provide a learning environment during Board Exams which are Stepping Stone for Higher Education & a crucial factor in deciding the career of every student. We have launched our first Class in R T Nagar, Bengaluru. The students would be taught from eminent and well qualified faculties from top schools across Bengaluru. We also plan to come up with many more such classes in different parts across the country in major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

We sincerely appeal to one & all to come forth and help us in creating a Society of Educated Individuals for the development of our Nation.

Core Values

Core values play a crucial role in defining the principles and beliefs with which an organization functions. We at Vision and Vision have our Vision and Mission aligned with our core Values.

Maintain A Vision

We are visionaries, not only seeking the reality of the world as it is, but also envisioning the World as it should be. We have a vision to create a healthy and vibrant society through Education.

Strive For Excellence

We always strive for excellence and put quality behind any Endeavour we undertake.


We aim to inspire the society at large to create the change we envision with our passion and commitment.


We proactively try to solve the challenges that exist in our society instead of waiting for good to miraculously happen.

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