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I/We wish to enroll as a member of Elite CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL Social Club. I/We understand that the period of validity is one year and is renewable. I/We also understand that Membership fees is non-refundable under any circumstances. Elite CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL Social Club holds right to cancel or revoke the Membership without giving any reason whatsoever.
I/We also understand that there is no right of Appeal, I/We also promise that we shall not indulge in any deed or act which may be annoying to a fellow member or cause the group or function to be disturbed or in general do any act that may disrupt the harmony of the function or group. I/We understand that my name would be struck up from the register of members in case of any such deed or act and no refund made.
I/We also understand that this membership, is to promote social & business Contacts only, it is not related to any political, religion or any other such things or group.
The Management deserves the right to cancel a function in case of no-booking. So please book and pay early and do not wait for the last minute. In case of cancellation due to low booking of any program, amount paid shall be adjusted for next program. No refund or adjustment on No-show situation and the charges will be due if not paid in advance. In case of late payment or payment at the venue, Penalty shall be collected, of Rs.500/-. When a member gives a verbal commitment over telephone, or personally and later does not attend please kindly remember contribution shall have to be duly paid with fine, if not paid in advance irrespective of any circumstances.
I/We also understand that Elite CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL Social Club reserves the right to grant membership and filling up this membership form does not automatically entitle me/us to membership of the Elite CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL Social Club.
I/We also understand that the information given by us is accepted by Elite CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL Social Club in good faith. They shall not be responsible for any false information provided by any party whatsoever.
I/We hereby declare that the information included in this application is true and correct.
I/We hereby read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned above.



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