I really cannot understand why I should become the member of "Contacts International" when I'm already a member of many other clubs or organization.

Yes, definitely, Positively you might already hold the membership to many different Clubs or Organizations. You are perfectly right. We at “Elite CONTACTS INTERNATIONAL Social Club” have but one small message to convey – “GET AWAY FROM DAILY HUMDRUM. SHARE YOUR JOYS & SORROWS OF LIFE. MEET MAKE NEW FRIENDS.
So lets go Party, Enjoy, throw everything to winds, have real good fun.

What is the Age Group?

Right now 18 yr. & above. At least three to four people of your age group will be there in every Party you attend.

How will I make Friends?

We will introduce you, plus there will be our Life-members to help you out to the best. The Aim of the Organization is to promote Friendship and everybody joins with one sole aim of Meeting and making Friends.

How many people will be there in the Party?

Maximum 25 to 30 members in every party for Executive Group and 15 to 20 for Aristocratic Group.. So that you really get to know each other. The group keeps on rotating with at least five new members.

Is there any Dress Code?

Absolutely no Dress Code. Unless it is a Theme Party, wherein you will be informed in advance. You are welcome in any dress except your *Birthday Suit.

Suppose I do not want to reveal my Identity at the start of the program, to my Co-Members ?

It is entirely your wish, we shall keep your identity confidential to the best of our ability. But it is much better if you are more open, it helps you to win and attract more Friends.

I do not Smoke or Drink, I'm a Teetotaler.

It really does not matter.

I'm Strictly Vegetarian

We shall endeavor our best to inform the Hotels, Resort Authorities about it in advance. Special arrangements for Jain food shall be made subject to availability.

I do not Dance

Well! Well! It is really a friendly get-together. We are not having any dance competition. We are all out just to have Fun! No problem ! revert back to your childhood… just start flying kites.

Hey, Do people really benefit or make friends?

Fun-loving, bindaas people ultimately wind up as Life-Members.

What is Life Membership?

Life-Membership is offered at total discretion of the Organization, only after a member has attended one or two Parties.

How can I help you?